JP Dash and Alex Meade take on joint management of Fifty Fifty



The Management duo will look after the day to day running of the business as well as providing long term business strategy and implementation along with Owner, Sally Pacy. Dash, the former Commercial Director and Meade, formerly Operations Director take up their new roles of Commercial Managing Director and Operational Managing Director respectively from July.


JP said


I’m thrilled to start this new role alongside my colleague and friend, Alex Meade. Having worked closely with Alex over this last year bringing the company through Covid we have provided a natural sounding board to one another combining our specialist skillsets to the greater benefit of the business. More recently with Fifty Fifty being awarded its first Broadcast Award for Best Post House it’s an incredibly exciting time and I am looking forward to working with together, along with our Senior Team and Sally to realise the next chapter for the business.


Alex said 


I am delighted to take up my new role at Fifty Fifty, having been part of the Senior Management for the last 8 years during which we have enjoyed successful growth, it is very exciting to now lead the business alongside JP. We have a fantastic team at Fifty Fifty and I am looking forward to working with them all to shape our exciting future and continued success.


Sally said 


It is now the right time to further strengthen the structure of our senior team and I’m delighted to appoint Alex and JP to co-manage the business day to day.  The senior management team, headed up by Alex and JP, and with my ongoing support, have ambitious plans for the next phase of Fifty Fifty’s growth.