At Fifty Fifty we have always had a policy of responsibility at work, being responsible for ourselves and each other and by extension the wider community. As we continue to formalise and deliver our CSR policies it was striking how much the team already does as a business and we will continue to strive to get better.

We have an Environmental Statement which shows that we are a responsible business and we aim to operate in a sustainable manner. It covers our recycling policy (including tech recycling), saving energy by turning off lights and computers in the evening and encouraging the use of low impact transport to get us to work like cycling using our cycle to work scheme.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility statement includes all the great work that the business and individuals do for charity; offering work placements and internships, treating each other, our clients and suppliers with respect and embracing diversity as an equal opportunities employer.

We review these statements regularly and have an ambition to further develop our approach and establish progressive targets. All of our policies are available on request, just get in touch.