I’ve Got Something To Tell You

Client: Zig Zag Productions


Client: Zig Zag Productions


This eavesdropping series set in a purpose-built tea room saw our first fixed rig show. Collaborating with the production company allowed us to manage the Rig RX and post-production workflow end to end.

Multiple cameras recording 10 hours a day were backed up onto 100TB of nearline storage, with offline media and Forscene uploads sent on a daily basis to the edits. Metadata tagging enabled us to deliver an offline/online workflow across both live records and PSC footage.

Zig Zag utilised their own in house edits for offline before migrating over to Fifty Fifty for the conform and into final post. Once in final post Baselight’s ability to gang and grade multiple shots at the same time allowed colourist Kenny Gibb to deal with a high volume of material quickly. Utilising the ability to view more than one cursor at once meant all of the different cameras could be balanced in a more controlled way, creating a very natural unobtrusive look.

Some of the tricky location recordings required extensive use of isotope noise reduction which Nag Kirinde completed on Pro Tools 12.



Nag Kirinde


Kenny Gibb

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