Jack Whitehall: At Large

Client: Tiger Aspect & Cave Bear Productions for Netflix

For: Netflix

Client: Tiger Aspect & Cave Bear Productions for Netflix

For: Netflix

Multi award-winning, stand-up comic Jack Whitehall takes to the stage to tell stories about drinking, drugs, a Google Maps van and his ongoing rivalry with Robert Pattinson.

We are proud to have worked on our first stand-up special in UHD for Netflix, once again working closely with Tiger Aspect and Cave Bear Productions, to deliver full post production.

For the Online there was a lot of subtle painting out of crew, stabilisation, noise reduction and compositing that needed to be performed. Head of Online, Julian Nelson, applied all the VFX to the original ungraded shots beneath the grade to be able to deliver the archival assets that Netflix required.

John Paul Sutherland performed the 5.1 and Stereo mix using Fifty Fifty’s Pro Tools S6 console. His task was to keep Jack Whitehall’s voice prominent, whilst layering the audience’s response, creating a balanced and well-rounded comedic flow.

Kenny Gibb graded the show in Baselight. The client’s brief was to work the grade so that the set and stage became less prominent as Jack moved around it. Gibb’s main challenge was to keep the levels of light consistent throughout from the various sources.




Julian Nelson


John Paul Sutherland


Kenny Gibb

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