Wayne Rooney: The Man Behind The Goals

Client: Goalhanger Films and Deadpan Films

For: BBC One

Client: Goalhanger Films and Deadpan Films

For: BBC One

Predominantly made up of interview footage shot by multiple crews in multiple formats in locations all around the world, the first hurdle was dealing with the many different formats that were delivered to us. Scenes were acquired on various cameras ranging from a high-end Red all the way through to GoPro. Having filmed for many months, following Wayne around the country, the show had a very high shooting ratio. All of the native master rushes were held on a 128TB Avid ISIS here at Fifty Fifty and then transcoded to DNxHD 36 for the Avid Media Composer offline.
We conformed the footage back to the native rushes and sent it across to Baselight where it was given a natural looking grade by colourist Kenny Gibb. At the same time, John Paul Sutherland completed the mix in our audio suite, using Avid Pro Tools with an S6 console.
To complete the documentary Julian Nelson used Avid Symphony in online to give it a final polish.



Julian Nelson


John Paul Sutherland


Kenny Gibb

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