Paul O’Grady: The Sally Army & Me

Client: Potato - ITV

For: Channel 5

Client: Potato - ITV

For: Channel 5

‘Paul O’Grady: The Sally Army & Me’, Potato, 6 x 30′, ITV1, Full Post

In honour of the Salvation Army’s 150th Anniversary and Paul O’Grady’s lifelong passion for the organisation, Potato and Olga TV filmed both in the UK and internationally, in Log colour space.

The series required a bright and cheery grade, Colourist Kenny Gibb achieved the desired look using our Baselight suite. It was onlined by Julian Nelson in Symphony using the Baselight Editions plugin. This allowed a seamless and renderless workflow between the systems and gave Nelson the further tools he needed for painting, tracking and blurring. Having handles on all the shots allowed flexibility and the means to slip footage within the online environment. Nag Kirinde mixed the audio in our Protools suite using the S6 console, making sure to keep the dialogue loud and punchy.



Julian Nelson


Nag Kirinde


Kenny Gibb

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