Penelope Keith’s Coastal Villages

Client: Reef Television

For: ITV

Client: Reef Television

For: ITV

Penelope Keith sets forth on a special seaside journey, discovering the coastal villages of the UK. We are immersed into stories of seafarers, smugglers and shipwrecks.

The Grade for Penelope Keith’s Coastal Villages involved making the most of the British countryside by adding warmth and contrast to the images without making it appear surreal. By using shapes in Baselight, Colourist, Jon Dobson, was able to key the skies and add saturation.

Julian Nelson, Head of Online at Fifty Fifty, used various tools inside and outside of Avid Symphony for the Online. These were useful for the necessary compositing and clean up required on the shows. There was lots of subtle painting out needed of logos and background distractions on the beautiful coastal scenes, as well as necessary noise reduction on aerial footage and problem areas. Having handles on all the footage and being able to access the ungraded footage was useful when reworking and recutting sequences in the Online.

Senior Dubbing Mixer, Gavin Allingham, was tasked with creating a mix that was rich and helped re-enforce the beauty and idyllic environment of each village.

This was achieved with a comprehensive tracklay to enhance the existing camera audio from each location. Distant waves, beach and shore effects were used throughout from a range of perspectives and were further enhanced with a variation of typically coastal effects such as seagulls, harbours, boats and bow wash to create a soundscape that helps portray each individual location.



Julian Nelson


Gavin Allingham


Jon Dobson

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