Rogue Tiger Shark – The Hunt for Lagertha

Client: Arrow International Media

For: Discovery Plus

Client: Arrow International Media

For: Discovery Plus

Available to stream exclusively on Discovery Plus for Shark Week from 17th July!

December 2017 – a female tiger shark now locally named as ‘Lagertha’ sends shockwaves through the pristine waters of Cocos Island in a rare and unexplained fatal attack on a diver.

Now, diving into the depths of the mystery, Dr Craig O’Connell, scientist Vicky Vasquez and underwater cinematographer Andy Casagrande use cutting edge technology in the hunt for Lagertha and to understand what happened that day… Will they come face to face with a killer?!

A taut scientific detective story, with some unexpected shark encounters and a showcase of Cocos Island’s extraordinarily rich marine life! Fascinating stuff!



Beth Sayer


Joe Stabb

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