Fifty Fifty House Reel

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Dave’s Games

Dave is the king of his own crumbling kingdom, the only games shop in town. At least until the colossus, dazzling and futuristic rival shop ‘Turbo Gamez’ opens right next to ‘Dave’s Games'. With the…

Hold The Front Page: Series 2

Follow Josh Widdicombe & Nish Kumar as they travel around the country partaking on the next instalment of their journalistic mission around Britain; delving into local mysteries, taking part in unusual events, exploring the juicy…

Kurt Cobain: Moments That Shook Music

To mark the 30th anniversary of the tragic passing of Kurt Cobain on April 5th 1994, this documentary will delve into some powerful and rare archive footage, some never seen before on British TV, to…

The Assembly

Well-renowned actor and director, Michael Sheen, sets up to face the ultimate grilling from a panel of 35 autistic and neurodivergent interviewers: no subject is out of bounds, no question shall lay unturned. Expect turmoil,…

Hannah Gadsby Gender Agenda

A Netflix comedy special focused on the LGBTQ+ community with Hannah Gadsby as curator and host, and features from Jes Tom, Alok, Asha Ward, Chloe Petts, DeAnne Smith, Krishna Istha, and Mx. Dahlia Belle.

Dream Car Fixers

Life-long friends Sheldon Nichols and Peter Harriott, draw on their combined 80 years of experience in the industry, to rebuild and restore classic cars within the guides of the clients brief and budget.

Jack Whitehall: Settle Down

Jack Whitehall’s latest stand up show at the London O2 Arena, including topics such as dogs, drinking, dining alone, and finally deciding to settle down and become a father.

The Greatest Night in Pop

The untold story behind the creation of the legendary single, ‘We Are The World’, and how 46 of the greatest pop stars to ever exist, came together in one Los Angeles recording studio to create…

Olivia Attwood: The Price of Perfection

Olivia Attwood undertakes her mission to understand the everyday people that go under the knife to achieve the ‘perfect’ body. With each episode focusing on a different part of the body, Olivia investigates the five…

Streets of Gold: Mumbai

Meet the glamorous super-rich of Mumbai, India's most fashionable city. Incredible wealth and extreme poverty live side by side in a sun-drenched city bursting with opportunity.

Such Brave Girls

A dysfunctional family sitcom following sisters Josie and Billie and their single mum Deb navigating life armed with nothing but poor judgement and self-esteem exclusively tied to people who couldn't care less about them.

Record On: Paul Weller – Wild Wood

The first instalment of a 3 part docu-series that explores the context behind and making of, of some of history's most influential albums, and the artists behind them. With this episode exploring Paul Weller and…

Pride Of Britain: A Windrush Special

Marking 75 years since the Empire Windrush ship's arrival at Tilbury Docks, this documentary, in partnership with Pride of Britain tells the story of the Windrush generation.

If The Streets Were On Fire

As youth violence rises in London, this documentary follows a group of young people expressing themselves through biking as an alternative to gang culture.


Surreal comedy that follows Jamma's quest for attention as he navigates chaotic family dynamics and literally stumbles through love.

Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva Espana

Tune in to watch Gordon Ramsay, Gino D'Acampo and Fred Sirieix continue their road trip to beautiful Spain exploring cuisine and culture from Málaga to Ronda and Jerez!

Elizabeth II: Making a Monarch

This two-part documentary features never-before-seen archive of Elizabeth II, revealing the private world of a princess who would later become the Queen.

Williams & Mansell: RED 5

Watch to find out how racing driver Nigel Mansell and the Williams F1 team came together to win the Formula 1 Drivers Championship against some of the greatest drivers of all time.

The Stand Up Sketch Show Season 5

From established stand-up routines by some of the nation's best loved comedians, to brand new material from Britain's most exciting up-and-coming talent, The Stand Up Sketch Show mixes live routines with filmed sketch recreations for…

King Of Clones

From human cloning research to a scandalous downfall, follow the life and work of Korea's most notorious scientist, Hwang Woo-suk.

Deep Fake Neighbour Wars: Best Bust-Ups

A special compilation episode of ITV's impressions show that uses Deep Fake technolofy to turn the UK's best new impressionists into the worlds most famous celebrities.

There She Goes Special

This special will see the family struggling to deal with now 13-year-old Rosie's increasingly wild behaviour as she tries to comprehend puberty, while they search to unlock the secrets of Rosie's chromosomal condition.

Unreal! With Olivia Neill

Social media icon Olivia Neill is throwing herself into virtual reality, avatar first, to see if she can find love in a digital world.

Mad Women

To coincide with the 100th anniversary of WACL, (Women in Advertising and Communications, Leadership) Mad Women will, for the first time, explore the role women have played in advertising across the past century. This film…

Panorama: Road Wars: Neighbourhood Traffic Chaos

Government plans to get traffic off our streets are turning neighbour against neighbour. Justin Rowlatt finds some drivers pitted against supporters of Low Traffic Networks in what has become a battle between those who believe…

Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs Season 11

The last series filmed by beloved entertainer Paul O'Grady as he follows the work at Battersea Dogs and Cats home in London, meeting staff involved in treating, training and rehoming animals.

For the Love of Paul O’Grady

A tribute to the iconic and much-loved entertainer Paul O'Grady, featuring highlights from his incredible career and interviews with those who knew him best.


Set in the sun-drenched British seaside town of Margate, Dreamland is a dark comedic exploration of multi-generational female relationships and their (somewhat dysfunctional) family dynamics.

Naked Education

Anna Richardson, Yinka Bokinni and Dr Alex George are joining forces to educate the nation about our bodies.

Panorama: Cops, Cash and Fraudsters

Panorama follows Kent Police as their detectives try to catch the fraudsters. The programme explores why so few cases are prosecuted and shows how fraudsters target the vulnerable.

Police: Suspect No.1

With first-time access to a police CID unit, this series follows detectives as they investigate serious cases from the very start of an investigation to the moment they confront their suspects with the evidence.

24/7 Pet Hospital

New heart-warming TV Series ‘24/7 Pet Hospital’ shows what it’s really like working at a busy veterinary hospital.

The Sheikh

Sami Abu Wardeh stars in a hilarious satire on the super-rich, ‘The Sheikh’.

Deep Fake Neighbour Wars

New deep-fake comedy, ‘Deep Fake Neighbour Wars’, spoofs New Zealand TV series ‘Neighbours At War’, using the very latest in AI technology to turn the UK's best impressionists into the world's famous celebrities.

The Kardashians: Billion Dollar Dynasty

‘The Kardashians: Billion Dollar Dynasty’, will lift the lid on the family’s finances to tell the story of how this family created their family brand into money making opportunity.

Danny & Mick Series 5

Catch up on the adventures of two wacky brothers, Danny & Mick, for all new Series 5.

Hold the Front Page

‘Hold the Front Page’ follow the highs and lows of the hilarious Nish Kumar and Josh Widdicombe as they travel across the UK working for a different local newspaper each week, on a mission to…

Chris Kamara: Lost for Words

“Chris Kamara: Lost for Words” will see former professional football player and well-loved TV presenter Chris Kamara come to terms with his recent diagnosis of Apraxia of Speech (AOS), a speech condition in which a…

The Savoy at Christmas

Christmas at the Savoy begins in mid-November when staff work intensively for 6 weeks transforming the hotel into a Christmas dream. After 2020’s Christmas festivities were cancelled, this is the chance to make hotel history.

I’m an Alcoholic: Inside Recovery

BBC Two access the longest-running addiction programme in the world, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), for new documentary, ‘I’m an Alcoholic: Inside Recovery”. This film explores the origins of the organisation, its religious foundations, its structure, what still…

Capturing the Killer Nurse

Capturing the Killer Nurse’ is a true crime feature documentary that reveals the story behind Netflix's 'The Good Nurse'; how investigators found nurse Charles Cullen was killing patients and how close he came to getting…

Inside the Heist

‘Inside the Heist’ is a true-crime docu-series that examines six of the world’s most fascinating and incredible heists of the past 25 years: the 1997 Dunbar Armored robbery, 2000 Millennium Dome attempted robbery, 2015 Hatton…

When We Speak

'When We Speak' follows three incredible stories of women who risked everything to tell the truth.

Santa Claus: The Serial Killer

A shopping mall Santa targeted and terrorised Toronto's gay village - murdering eight men in a seven-year killing spree. Why wasn't he stopped sooner? Mobeen Azhar investigates this in the 6-part series ‘Santa Claus :…

Jamie & Harry’s World Cup Challenge: Got, Got Need

Jack Whitehall challenges Jamie Redknapp in ‘Jamie & Harry's World Cup Challenge: Got, Got Need’ to build his own World Cup team with real football World Cup stars. Joining Jamie is his father Harry, hoping…

Trainspotting with Francis Bourgeois

Social Media star and TikTok sensation Francis Bourgeois is here with his series “Trainspotting with Francis Bourgeois.” Joining his adventures include comedian Aisling Bea, Eurovision star Sam Ryder, football star Jesse Lingard, rapper AJ Tracey…

Hannah Spearritt: Me & Breast Implants

‘Hannah Spearritt: Me & Breast Implants’ follows S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt as she investigates Breast Implant Illness and asks essential questions to find answers about Breast Augmentation surgery, following her own augmentation surgery.

Paxman: Putting Up with Parkinson’s

The Documentary ‘Paxman: Putting Up with Parkinson's’, will follow broadcasting host Jeremy Paxman’s story of living with Parkinson’s disease as he chats with other celebrities living with the illness, as well as the leading experts…

John & Joe Bishop: Life After Deaf

'Joe & John Bishop: Life After Deaf’ is a new documentary that follows comedian John Bishop and his hearing-impaired son Joe, as they as a family investigate deafness and try to learn more about the…

Britain’s Greatest Obsessions

This 6-part series ‘Britain’s Greatest Obsessions’, see a host of top celebrities explore uniquely British preoccupations to discover more about British culture and history. Featured in the series is Harry Hill, who investigates what makes…

Rosie Jones’ Trip Hazard

Comedian Rosie Jones’ Trip Hazard returns for a second round as Rosie and her celebrity friends go on thrilling outings around Britain, gorging on culture, learning local traditions and seeking excitement in unlikely places

Football Dreams: The Academy

Football Dreams: The Academy, is a six part documentary series following the group of boys determined to achieve their dreams of becoming professional footballers, at the prestigious Crystal Palace Football Club Academy. This series explores…

Scam Land: Money, Mayhem and Maseratis

Journalist Mobeen Azhar investigates the world of online forex trading discovering the success story of 20-year-old medical student Gurvin who went from handing out cash to strangers to being at the centre of an alleged…

Queen Victoria and the British Maharajah

Gurinder Chadha explores the mysterious life of Prince Victor Duleep Singh. The programme examines a controversial affair, the Indian independence movement and possible collusion with wartime enemies of Britain.

Cash in the Attic

CASH IN THE ATTIC is back! A familiar format on a new channel, airing on Channel 5. Say hello to new presenters Chris Kamara and Jules Hudson as they turn hidden treasures into cash.

Retreat Yourself

As part of ITV and Campaign Against Living Miserably’s ongoing mental wellness campaign, ‘What Gets You Through’, Retreat Yourself is a continuation of last years ‘The Full treatment’, hosted by Actress and Comedian Donna Preston.…

Getting Filthy Rich

Join Olivia Attwood on ‘Getting Filthy Rich’ in exploring and understanding the mainstream phenomenon of selling sexual content online. Find out what it mean to be a content creator in the newly emerged sector of…

Snowflake Mountain

Snowflake Mountain is a funny, warm-hearted reality show which takes a group of clueless Kidults and puts them through their paces at a wilderness survival retreat. The back-to-basics camp is a rude awakening to just…

The Savoy

The Savoy hotel... Its very name is synonymous with glamour and exclusivity. But what really goes on behind those famous revolving doors?  Join Gordon Ramsay in discovering the day to day operations that take place…

MPs Under Threat: Dispatches

Kim Leadbeater (MP) investigates threats and abuse faced by MPs. With polarised politics, and social media making it easier to target politicians, is enough being done to protect them?

Troy Deeney: Where’s My History?

Footballer and anti-racism campaigner Troy Deeney sets out on a mission to get Black, Asian and minority ethnic histories and experiences on the curriculum in schools across the UK.

Protecting our Children: A Balancing Act

With more children in care in England than ever before, and the government about to publish a report on the deaths of two toddlers at the hands of their parent’s new partners, Panorama investigates how…

Prep to Win: Harlequins

An incredible inside look at one of the most successful teams in rugby, Harlequins, as they takes us through the journey of their championship triumph, their mind behind the chaos and what it truly means…

British Grandma on Death Row with Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid travels to Texas to meet grandmother Linda Carty, the only British woman on death row anywhere in the Western world. Convicted in 2003 of the murder of young mum Joanna Rodriguez so she…

Katie Price: What Harvey Did Next

Katie Price: What Harvey Did Next, the sequel to last year’s acclaimed Harvey and Me, follows Harvey as he enters into the next stage of his life, and will touch upon broader issues faced by…

Mo Gilligan: There’s Mo To Life

Double BAFTA winning stand-up comedian Mo Gilligan brings his record selling There’s Mo To Life tour to Netflix in Stunning Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. The hour-long special is available worldwide on Netflix.

60 Days with the Gypsies

Ed Stafford spends 60 days on the road with gypsy and traveller communities, in the face of proposed new laws granting police extra power to move encampments on.

Britain’s Novel Landscapes with Mariella Frostrup

Mariella Frostrup explores the life and times, and landscapes, of classic British women writers. Journey round the UK as she visits some incredible landscapes and locations and sees how they fare against the great literary…

Lazy Susan

Following its debut as a Comedy Short in 2020, Celeste Dring and Freya Parker star in the critically-lauded sketch show Lazy Susan.

The Stand Up Sketch Show, Season 4

The Stand Up Sketch Show is back for a fourth season, with returning acts including Seann Walsh, Russell Kane, Jayde Adams, Dane Baptiste and Felicity Ward. The comedy packed show features stand-up routines by the…

The Mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk Season 2

After a successful first series, The Mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk is back with comedian Spencer Jones’s wonderfully wacky world visualised through the eyes of his alter ego Herbert Clunkerdunk.

Fifty Fifty Scripted Reel 2024

Watch our latest scripted comedy showreel and check out some of our work from 2024 [embed][/embed]

Celebrity Coach Trip Series 7

After nearly two years, it’s finally time for international tour guide Brendan Sheerin to hit the road again in a brand-new series of Celebrity Coach Trip.  Brendan’s coach will be bursting with a fresh batch…

The Stand Up Sketch Show Christmas Special

The Stand Up Sketch Show is back for a night of festive-themed stand-up routines brought to life in sketch form by Russel Kane, Seann Walsh, Dane Baptiste, Glenn Moore, Lily Phillips, Nabil Abdulrashid, Bella Hull…

Angels of the North Series 3

Available to watch on BBC Three from BBC iPlayer on 31.10.21! Angels are descending! Sammyjo and the Longlox girls are BACK for an even bigger and better series than before! Joined by a bunch of…

Sex: Unzipped

Learn the A-B-Cs of S-E-X in the funniest and the furriest comedy special with Saweetie, a group of sex-positive puppets, and your favorite comedians.

Celebrity Ghost Trip

Watch on E4 and All 4 from 24.10.21! Tis' the season for all things spooky! Everyone's favourite tour guide Brendan Sheerin is back, but this time he's leaving the funny sites of Europe and taking…

Sexy Beasts – Series 2

Stream from October 7th, 2021 on Netflix New beasts are bringing sexy back... for a second series! After an explosive introduction onto your screens, there's more beasts where that came from and they're looking for…

Gordon, Gino & Fred Go Greek

Gordon, Gino & Fred Go Greek - Watch on ITV & ITV Hub from 27th September Look who’s back! …and this time they’re going on a big fat Greek adventure! Join Gordon, Gino and Fred…

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father Series 5

All good things must come to an end, but it’s not over yet! 🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Jack and Michael Whitehall return, and this time it’s the greatest journey of all: a tour of their homeland,…

Big Age

Fantastic new scripted comedy from best-selling author Bolu Babalola Four young Black British friends attempt to grow up and step out while faced with parental expectation, personal dreams and the demoralising reality of insufficient funds,…


Something big is here! Highlife is the first Black British premium reality series, following the lives and loves of a glamorous young group of British West Africans all chasing their own idea of success..  and…

Football’s Funniest Moments

A Sky Original - Fan's choose Football's funniest moments and look back at the most laugh-out-loud moments from the world of Premier League ⚽😅 Featuring interviews with the great and good of the game, pundits and…

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo: Celebrating 70 Years

In place of this year’s event, celebrate the rich 70 year history of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo! Revisiting standout moments from over the years such as international marching bands, military displays and dynamic dances…

Mission: Accessible – Series 2

The wonderful Rosie Jones is back with a new second series of her brilliant, disability-friendly and Broadcast Digi Award nominated travelogues… this time exploring the UK’s most accessible cities! 📍🗺🇬🇧 Joined by Big Zuu, Ashley…

Being Freddie Mercury: Under Pressure

06.08.21 - Channel 5 @ 9pm A music icon known to the world, but who really was the captivating singer? Psychiatrist Dr. Bob Johnson, along with several of the people who knew Freddie Mercury best,…

Sexy Beasts

The countdown has ended and it’s FINALLY HERE!! The devilishly good and hotly anticipated SEXY BEASTS is out today available to stream on Netflix!   We had so much fun working on this show- we…

Rogue Tiger Shark – The Hunt for Lagertha

Available to stream exclusively on Discovery Plus for Shark Week from 17th July! December 2017 - a female tiger shark now locally named as ‘Lagertha’ sends shockwaves through the pristine waters of Cocos Island in…

The Wedding of the Century

The Wedding of the Century - available to stream from today on BritBox UK and also on BritBox in the US from July 29 in UHD and 5.1 Watched by a record 750 million people across the world,…

Please Help

A brilliant new comedy with a seemingly normal girl caring for her grandmother on an isolated farm in Oxfordshire... until developing inexplicable and very abnormal magic powers! Written by and starring the wickedly funny Lucy…

Raise Your Game with Gareth Southgate

Raise Your Game with Gareth Southgate – available to watch NOW on YouTube Originals  In the lead up to the delayed 2020 Euros, the England manager is joined by Chris MD and other YouTube creator…